A blog is born….

I bet Doogie Howser never felt like this – he always seemed to just rattle something off. I sit here fretting over how to start, which opening paragraph or sentence to go with, wondering if it really matters anyway – will anyone end up reading this? Or could this go the other way, and 10 years later with a quagillion (I even had to make up a new number it was so big!) readers, we look back as part of a 10th birthday special and realise this was it – this was genesis….

I figure the name largely gives things away, but here it is, UKbeermaps – maps of places in the UK where you can buy or drink good beer!

I like love beer, I travel a lot (mainly for work), and I often end up fishing around in Facebook groups or Twitter or searching Google for somewhere decent to have a drink on the journey to / from or at wherever I am headed.

I bought some books (OK fine, I’m cheap so I got people to buy them for me for Christmas!), I downloaded some apps, but always it’s some form of asking around and reading things and research. Don’t get me wrong, that’s actually enjoyable in itself, watching debate unfold about whether a place is any good or not – discovering something new for yourself (and a few times finding it was a stones throw from somewhere I went anyway – how did I not know about it already?!) But too often I don’t have enough time before I travel, I end up in a dive 100 yards from an amazing pub I had no idea about, or the place has gone downhill / shut since the book I read got marked down enough on price that I caved and bought it!

I’ve never blogged before, twitter is usually too few characters for me, my emails are often too long – and I go to great lengths to avoid having to write documentation at work! I’m hoping this ends up a bit of a hobby to help pass a bit of time especially when travelling, I’m hoping this helps other people out who might want a beer in a town they don’t know that well, but mainly I’m hoping I can “give something back” because as much of a cheesy cliche as it is – I really have found that Beer people are good people.

I’ve been lucky enough to make friends and get to know brewers and staff, at a ton of the shops, breweries and pubs you’ll see listed in the posts or maps. I’m not officially linked with any of them, I don’t have any ulterior motive or vested interest in any of their financial gain or success, I just like to support small business and share with people when we find good beer – and the better these guys do the longer they will be around making beer I like! I’ll try to always call out where I have some form of connection with the establishment in topic, or if they’ve bought me a beer (who’s going to turn down a free beer?!), but this isn’t about referrals or advertising – if a beer is shit or good (in my opinion) then I feel obliged to be honest – and I always wish either way that someone else had before me so that I knew what I was missing or letting myself in for!

The next few posts should see me list the venues we visited in the relevant town, a map showing where they all were, and whatever pictures were safe for public display. I don’t think I can be arsed with any form of rating system, but I better work out some sort of consistency in terms of what I was looking out for or missed at each place, so I guess I’m saying bear with me and I’m leaving myself some wriggle room if I change my mind / forget!

That’s got to be long enough for now, and to cover my bases please delete as appropriate;

Happy 10th birthday future UKbeermaps quagillion readers!


this was a bit embarrassing that no fucker ever read it, but at least it killed a bit of time on the train….



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