Coventry – a growing scene?


Mainly as a bit of a one off special for our friends at Twisted Barrel Brewery and Beer Gonzo – a Coventry map!

Embedded below – or full version Ukbeermaps – Coventry


Unfortunately not a lot of places, but the Twisted Barrel Brewery & Tap room and Beer Gonzo shop more than make up for it, both great setups and manned by really friendly & helpful people.


At Twisted Barrel the front section of the brewery acts as the tap room, so it’s great to have a dedicated space for drinking, and really cool in our opinion that you can eyeball their lovely shiny setup whilst drinking the beer about as fresh as possible.


They’ve got a good range with specials popping up often – so it’s worth keeping an eye out.





At Beer Gonzo we’ve always been stunned at the range – often the price too actually. We always find great beers here, they do really well to get American and Northern European stuff in from all the big names, and they sell online and ship too.




If we’re honest, for us Coventry is a good detour for grabbing something from the tap room or shop, clearly there isn’t enough to warrant a special trip just yet…

Next time we’re in town we hope to check out Drapers Bar & Kitchen and Inspire -if you get there before us let us know what you think!

We’re told there’s more now than a year ago in Coventry , let’s keep an eye on things and see if the scene carries on growing, we hope for everyone living there that it does – why wouldn’t you want more good beer!



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