Leeds – was instrumental in our discovery of craft & we love it for that!

As a disclaimer – we haven’t been to Leeds in just over a year so things may have moved on – but it’s a great and seriously popular location with some lovely and characterful venues so we thought it might help to get the map up now and updated it as soon as we can.

In case you don’t want to look at pics of beer or food – whhaa?! Here’s the map and a link to the full size below.

Ukbeermaps – Leeds – click here to open the full map

We’ve only ever made it there for work, so it’s always making the most of just an evening at a time, or a flying visit to somewhere on the way in / out of the city. As a side note, the architecture of some of the turn of the century industrial buildings and cobbled streets, and the mixture of that and modern versions is amazing – it’s a real hotchbotch of styles and textures as you travel around and we think that’s brilliant.

Anyway onto the beer, cos you ain’t here to see what we think of buildings or streets, unless they’ve got a pub on them!

Hands down our two favourite venues are North Bar and Brewdog – we’ve spent the most amount of time in these two.

North Bar was a bit of a punt from spotting a couple of spurious references or comments somewhere online probably back around early 2013 and man did that turn out to be an understatement! Very knowledgeable staff, great tap and bottle range, cool vibe and layout – and who doesn’t love a meat n cheese board?!


Here’s a few shots of some of the highlights there – you can see they love their Magic Rock and there’s always a great range of american stuff on bottle and sometimes tap.



The food is always a nice change from burger n beer offerings usually found


Always cold food platters, but it seems a very clever trick the bars in Leeds have cottoned on to – seemingly not needing a full kitchen or license (since spread around the country and replicated by Brewdog almost nationally).


The team were good enough to let us nose around the cellar a few times – in fact we ended up pitching in with a bit of a leak once!




So that should give you an idea on North Bar, we usually walk down to Brewdog from there…





To be fair this is a standard feel as they all are, on two floors with a cool mini lounge area under a spiral staircase in the corner, booths upstairs and generally all in quite a compact package.

As ever the staff know what they’re talking about, the guest beers are often our favourites, and the prices are mixed depending on who’s stuff you fancy. They also do the cold platter thing but we seemingly got stuck straight into it without even stopping for a pic!



A few shots from around the place –



On other nights we hit the train station sort of area, usually first to the head of steam, who have a great bottle range and are good on taps too – we’ve had to add some stock google pics to our own but check these out!



And then from there over to tapped Leeds and the Leeds tap – seems they played a game of “bagsie tap name” and the usual one lost here…

First is tapped Leeds, quoting their own website “From the team behind Pivni, The Sheffield Tap, The York Tap, Euston Tap and The Harrogate Tap” and you’d instantly recognise this as soon as you walk in the door if you’ve ever been to one of those.

Second disclaimer in one article – sorry – on this particular occasion we ended up here last and the photos have obviously suffered! Ordinarily such shoddy workmanship would never make it in, but its this or nothing, and pretty sure we’ve all been in the same boat before so hoping you’ll forgive us!



As you’ll see it’s a brewpub with a huge brew setup which was extremely shiny and impressive. Wood fired oven for pizza and a serious amount of taps – back when we were there the range on tap and bottles was growing though – and it needed to if we’re honest.


Last up in detail, but by no means least as we really liked it, was the Brewery Tap. A really nice small / medium size pub with a small brew setup upstairs. Full food menu, very good tap range, great bottle range and some brilliant decor to pass the time.


The bar and decor there – nice views and sometimes inspiration for a drink!

Food was great – and the brew setup is nice to oggle when you need to sit upstairs in the additional seating or nip to the loo (staircase a slight challenge FYI).


So that’s that on the detail of the venues we got to, we really want to get back and try more from the wishlist, hope you enjoyed this info and have a great time if you head to Leeds!


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  1. If you’re looking for more tips on the Leeds beer scene, we do have a couple of tireless reviewers on a quest to maintain a list of every pub and bar in Leeds! 236 reviews and counting…


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  2. ukbeermaps says:

    Thanks Daniel – apologies that we hadn’t noticed your comment until now!


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